EPSON 7800 Waterbased Capping Station
EPSON 7800 Waterbased Capping Station
EPSON 7800 Waterbased Capping Station
EPSON 7800 Waterbased Capping Station
EPSON 7800 Waterbased Capping Station
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EPSON 7800
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The capping station is one of the important parts of the printer, and its main responsibility is to protect the nozzle. When the machine is not used for a long time after stopping, the nozzle will stay on the ink stack, thus effectively preventing clogging caused by ink condensation on the surface of the nozzle.
The capping station should be replaced regularly after being used for a period of time. Otherwise, it will affect the normal use of the printer. The capping station has been in contact with the ink for a long time and has a certain service life. Over time, it will age, causing the nozzle and the capping station to be loosely connected, causing air leakage and interrupting the printing process of the printer.
Current printers have improved the capping station, so that whether the machine is stopped or working, the capping station can fully clean the nozzle, which not only ensures the high-precision output of the printer, but also prevents clogging and extends its service life.
If I don't know my printer suitable for which printhead?
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